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Affiliate Program Policies

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Affiliate Program Policies

Affiliate Program Policies


Earn up to 25% commissions on all orders generated from links on your site or Promo Codes assigned to your account.
Earn 25% when your visitor comes directly to our site from yours with no discounts to the customer.
Earn 20% when your visitor uses your Promo Code for a 5% discount on all orders over $100
Earn 15% when your visitor uses your Promo Code for a 10% discount on all orders over $200
Earn 10% when your visitor uses your Promo Code for a 15% discount on all orders over $300
Earn 5% when your visitor uses your Promo Code for a 20% discount on all orders over $500

Return Days:

We know that gift buyers browse before they buy, so our system will track sales up to 30 days after a customer links to our site.


You will be paid monthly provided commissions exceed $100.


You will have access to our online reporting system 24/7. There is nothing we would like more than to see you earn high commissions. Even though we do not have a third party tracking your commissions, our system displays reports in real time. We believe that if you are bringing us customers, it would only hurt us if we were to cheat you. The happier you are, the more links you will place on your and maybe even other places. Unlike many other companies, we work hard to earn your trust and even harder to keep it! If you ever have any questions, a real person is only an email away.

Affiliate Tracking

Our system records where a visitor comes from and places a cookie on the users computer. On the bottom of each page of, there is an indicator “[A0]”. The “A” stands for “Affiliate” and the “0” is the value.
If a visitor comes directly to, then the value is set to “0”.
If a visitor comes to our site through your site using the link, then the value will display “Your Affiliate ID Number”. (ex. [A1234] )
The cookie we place stays for a period of 30 days and is NOT over-written. This means that once a visitor comes from your site and then leaves our site and comes back from anywhere else, the value will remain as “Your Affiliate ID Number”.
This is generated by the url you enter in the Affiliate Tracking URL. You must make sure to enter only URL’s that you own in the Affiliate Tracking URL. If we find that you entered a URL that is not owned by you, then your affiliate account will be terminated and commission amount will be void if any.

Customer Service:

Permission Based Policy:

While there is nothing as effective as a targeted email campaign an Affiliate runs to its members, the country is increasingly hostile towards spam activity. We believe that the best type of customer is one who is receptive to our product; therefore, we have established the Permission-Based Marketing Policy below. Our most successful Affiliates are those in high compliance with this policy.

Please Note: If you attempt to SPAM, we will find out about it immediately and your affiliate account will be shut down and legal actions will be taken.

“Permission-Based Marketing” is defined as delivery of marketing offers solely to individuals who are open to receiving such information from a company or organization. Only Affiliates who use permission-based marketing will be eligible for participation in our Affiliate Network. Again, we have a ZERO tolerance policy regarding SPAM! All Affiliates must adhere to state and federal laws pertaining to the sending of email. Any affiliate sending an email offer to over fifty (50) recipients must have the link contained in the email pointed directly to a domain owned by the Affiliate and do a re-direct to our URL from their domain with the affiliate code engaged. We will provide technical guidance on email re-directs at Affiliate’s request. Before launching your permission-based email campaign, contact us for authorization.

All Affiliates must, upon request, provide date, time and IP address stamp of the customer who subscribed, and the name of the website where subscription was placed, hereinafter “opt-in verification”. Our ZERO tolerance policy also applies to unsolicited spyware or rogue “pop-up / under” tactics.

We will require opt-in verification for every customer complaint and conduct regular audits to ensure adherence to the Permission-Based Marketing Policy. Any violations will result in Affiliate account termination, non-payment of commissions and prosecution.